The Pink Hoodie Case.

You know of those fantastic deals which seem too surreal to be true? Yes, the ones which promise a pair of jeans at INR 500 and stuff? I was lucky to get one of those. I bought a fantastic dark pink coloured hoodie by River Inc. for INR 400. That's right. Don't sweat. For 400 Rupees only!

That day, I basked in the glory of my frugality. I exuded of unstoppable happiness and pride at being able to have bought such a fantastic woolen wear at such an economic price. I went back to the hostel and made my friends jealous of my fortune. I mean, Come on! Who can ever get something so nice at such an unbelievable price? I said this multiple times and lunged my own fore finger at me. Ok, I agree, I was too cheery that day.

Life went on at its usual pace for the next two days. I was reveling in the warmth of my newly bought hoodie which made feel so proud of my volition of buying it. It was in the late hours of the evening that I left my hostel room for going to a senior's room in the hostel. She lives in a block a few meters away from mine. It was tepid that time and I had put on the same hoodie. The stars had been glittering with the same sheen in the night sky and the moon was probably gouging of its ever existing pimples. It was dark, but the lamps on the hostel ground emitted enough light to recognize faces. I saw a tall girl approaching towards my direction with a swag. I didn't like the sound of her tread, but I appreciated her gait. She walked confidently. I could see that she had put on a winter wear which appeared magenta from a distance.

I didn't like it one bit. "Who wears magenta?" I reflexed. I mentally nixed at the colour choice and kept moving forward. She kept moving towards me too. The light from the lamps on the ground somehow reflected from that girl and this time, I realized that her sweater or whatever it was, was pink. Pink! Dark Pink! I mentally exalted her choice of colour and felt so good about it. I know, I am pretty jobless and my mind meanders in the complexities of such mundane things which account to nothingness.

I felt an innate sisterhood with this swiftly approaching girl. Same colour,man! What are the odds? Now, she was just 5 meters away. With the feeble vision that the night sky and the Indian HRD offered me through their derelict lamps, I could see a smile on her face which was meant for me. I smiled back in civil cordiality.

200 centimeters.
I saw the girl again.
I smiled at her.
She smiled at me.

And my world went cascading down to the abyss of the gamut of female emotions.

She was wearing the same hoodie!
The same hoodie.

I wanted to run away from this walking piece of organic matter and didn't want to be seen with her in the same hoodie. Ever. I didn't know what to do! The deal was won by another junior of my college! I thought that since I had seen her just a few times before, this will go on the same way.

I allayed my fears and tried to feel happy about the same hoodie. Clearly, the intensity had lowered.

Just when everything was going fine, and that I hadn't seen the same junior in the same hoodie again, life decided to ensnare me into the same set of emotions again. I was browsing through my branch's group on Facebook for some assignment and I stumbled across a senior's profile. She had posted a birthday photo for a friend of hers in a post full of mawkishness. I had entertained myself enough by laughing at all the cheesiness and that's when the reality hit me hard.

Really hard.
I looked at the picture again.
I didn't want to believe what I had seen.

This can't be true!
I saw three girls sitting on bench wearing the same hoodie!
The same goddamn hoodie!

What? Had the entire city bought it? I didn't want to believe any of it. I went back to reading a novel, pretending as if nothing had happened.

I have got a CAT class tomorrow. I am so afraid of donning on the same hoodie for the fear of being told,"Hey Sorry! I thought you were Pooja. She has the same hoodie. I mistook you from the back."

RIVER INC., Kindly don't manufacture so many pieces of the same item.
Distressed buyer.

Dania Faruqui
Dania Faruqui

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