Religion-through my eyes.

  1. My room-mate can't date a guy she likes because he isn't from the same caste.

  2. My cousin can't marry a girl because she isn't from the same religion.

  3. A friend of mine can't attend a sleepover at one of our friend's place.
    Why? We are all girls, what's the issue?
    The friend whose home we will be staying in is from a lower caste. The other friend's father won't allow that.

  4. Two comminites fought in a village near Bhopal. Now there's communal tension and hence, a curfew.

  5. Youngsters have to ensure that their lovers believe in the same God, otherwise they can't stay together forever.

  6. Politicians all over the nation gain votes on the pretext of bringing the lower strata of society upwards by promising more reservations.

  7. Honour killing is still shamelessly a thing of pride in many places.

Kids are being sexually harrassed,
Women of all religions are getting raped,
There are serial killers outside in the streets of U.S.A,
Men are brutally butchering their folks,
People are dying during religious trips.

Where are our Gods? When I was a little kid, I was told to follow certain instructions otherwise God would punish me. That's how all my friends have been brought up.

As I am growing up, the religious beliefs that I see all around me are being questioned incessantly by my brain. Science has donned questions that an uneducated man couldn't think of. To me, all the religions have reduced to a set of regulations which guide humans to live a happy and a peaceful life.

But sadly, not even one of them is truly successful.

On a lighter note, I found these pictures on the internet. It's funny how an image vividly expresses so many feelings.

P.S. : The author means no disrespect to any religion or its followers. The views expressed in this blog are personal.

Dania Faruqui
Dania Faruqui

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