Summer 2015 in U.S.A. !

Hi there! I had the fortune to attend the University of Pittsburgh for my summer research internship this summer. I was in the States for two long months and I loved every second of my stay!

I landed in New York and I thought I would spend two days in NYC, knowing the city and living its feel but my metabolism had different plans. I ended up puking after the 14 hour long flight and felt weak and senile. I was battling jet lag with a difference of 9 and a half hours and I made it to Pittsburgh with wobbly knees and an upset stomach.

The city amazed me. Lush green vegetation, steel bridges spread across the city, fantastic roads and happy people. It cast a great impression. It was fine until I received an email from my professor asking me to attend the training classes for my internship.

The training was bad, to say the least. Computational Chemistry has not always been my favorite and working on software which involve the use of a super computer seemed over whelming. I got lost on the way back from my workplace to the home. It took me 40 minutes to cover a distance which would require 15 minutes. The pall of linux, 33 degree centigrade and a foreign place upset my first impression. I started doubting my decision to uptake this internship. It all seemed a bad decision. An upset stomach and the annoying jet lag made the bad seem worse. I wanted to go back home and be with familiar people.

This was the first week in Pittsburgh. It was disheartening and disemboweling.I wasn't ready to give up yet. I thought that if I worked hard, it would ease the pressure. But wait, wasn't this internship supposed to be fun? Strangers on the roads didn't have much idea about where I wanted to go and the accent was inscrutable in the beginning. I was hating it already.

The first seven days were pretty bad. The Gaussian software seemed unfriendly and the black screen of Linux depressed the soul out of me. I had completely given up on this project until I met the tall Ukrainian guy on Monday. Boy! Was he handsome !

To be continued. Below is the picture of the main building of Pitt.

Dania Faruqui
Dania Faruqui

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