Oh! So fancy!

The dark-brown tangles fell like shreds of silk on her pearly skin. The sheen on her face looked so cherubic, it made the angels envious. Lying on the bed of her modest bedroom, she believed herself to be the happiest woman in the world. His hands tucked the sleek bunch of her hair behind her ear. It brought about a surge of satiety in her presence as his lips caressed her neck. The excitement made her clench his hair in her fist.

Tick Tick. Tick Tick. Tick Tick.

All of a sudden, the unwelcome sound of the timer made me come back to the reality. Another 20 minutes over. I have successfully catered to 5 questions of the expected 15, out of which 2 are wrong.

Amazing correctness. Brilliant speed.

Every now and then, as I commit to preparing seriously for CAT, I end up wallowing in the beauty of an imaginary world which is so surreal that even Adam and Eve will be humbled. The questions on Triangles and Quadrilaterals transport me to the ineluctable quandary of choosing between Paris and London as my dream city. The questions on critical thinking act as harbingers of existential crisis. I have never been interested in Mr. Sharma or Mr. Varma's newly bought cars, and therefore, I don't give a damn about how much money they have to pay as EMI. Go die, Compound Interest !

I always thought that this day-dreaming is avoidable and I am one of the few members of Homo Sapiens who invest maybe more than half their day in Day-Dreaming. As I have grown up reading Princess Diaries, I know that there are many teenage girls who are accustomed to Maladaptive Daydreaming. But I am not a teenager anymore ! I am in my early 20s! The extent to which my dreams bask the reality of my life is so high that I find it difficult to put myself onto an arduous task. The flipside is that it doesn't take me long to recover from a bad mood. I am an excellent day-dreamer !

This process is so enticing that people addicted to maladaptive daydreaming take breaks between their works to pause and day-dream! For people like this, it is a stress-buster. Birds of a feather flock together is probably one of those proverbs which is true at many levels. Not only will one be friends with people with the same hobbies or talents, their friendship finds similarity in the abnormal psychology of their closest friend. Once, in the January of 2015, I confided in my closest chum about the lamest reason one can ever find to not study or work efficiently: Day- Dreaming. She listened to every tiny explanation I had and every microscopic detail of my problem only to shock me out of my wits.

For a few seconds of that cold January evening, I couldn't muster enough courage to voice my thoughts. The frontal lobe of my fore-brain went numb and the billions of my neurons were not sure of the message they received from my brain. There are moments in life which steal your volition. They leave you in winds of nothingness and confusion. A few words from my best friend carry the potential to put me to a thought provoking stage came as a shock to me. She placed her hand on my hand and looking into my eyes, said, "What if I tell you I have the exact same problem and maybe it is worse than your case?" This one question almost convinced me that are we two retards lost in the complexities of this world. Is this why we are so compatible? WHAT IF THIS DAYDREAMING IS THE ONSET OF A DISASTROUS PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER AND WE ARE DESTINED TO DIE OF OVER-THINKING ? The cold wind of the evening and the rustling sound of the drying leaves never reminded me of serial-killer thrillers up until that day.

Is it true that hundreds of literary novels have escalated our expectations to an extent which has made us preys of this voracious imagination? My best friend couldn't stop laughing at my petrified state of my mind and gave a fair attempt to expound me the lightness of the situation. The problem with reading a lot is that it makes you think about situations which might never occur on the face of the Earth. It is now a proven fact that people who grow up reading literary fiction prove to be more empathizing of others feelings than the ones who don't read a lot or don't read at all. They learn to not judge a person because in their head, they are finding the reasons behind this behavior. When someone is suffering from a heart-break over the loss of a prized achievement, a reader will have just the apt words to console him/her. It is not so because their lofty EQ, it is because they are familiar with the hardships of Howard Roark.

When you Google Maladaptive Daydreaming, your laptop screen will be inundated with the stories of people across the world who have experienced this crazy bouncy ride once in their life, or are probably living it today. It is not recognized as a disorder hitherto because most psychologists are of the opinion that this is a state of mind rather than a deviation from normal psychology. The very fact that is self-curable puts the seriousness of MD in shambles.

However, one can't deny the number of people this fascination targets. The presence of self-help books on Amazon India is a testament to its occurrence. Here, I just found this on Google : http://www.amazon.in/Returning-Reality-Stop-Maladaptive-Daydreaming-ebook/dp/B00LFOJFPQ?tag=googinhydr18418-21&tag=googinkenshoo-21&ascsubtag=f870dc35-04a4-4c9c-a527-6fb4844702ea

The emotions elicited in this process are so veritable that one can start crying or laughing or feeling fits of depression or getting excited just about daydreaming. Read about the story of a dreamer: http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2015/04/when-daydreaming-replaces-real-life/391319/The causes behind MD are yet to be confirmed. In certain cases, it can be harmful which is extremely rare- as rare as the appearance of Haley's comet, which happens once in 76 years.

The fun-fact is that it is quite easy to cure. Once you commit to working on something without getting distracted, you will realize that daydreaming has stopped. Completely. However, when your brain has nothing to operate on, it will take you places. People who daydream know the difference between reality and dreams and hence are not schizophrenics. A person suffering from schizophrenia will never be able to deduce that he is schizophrenic. However, a dreamer will know that he is just wasting time.

Having read a dozen of Sidney Sheldon novels, I take pleasure in amazing narration and gripping story-telling skills. Working over Data Interpretation and Probability questions, I wish to be a writer someday. Maybe that's why, I love imagination. Day-dreaming is a gateway to beautiful narration.

One day, I dream to have a bombastic vocabulary which will allow me to use a single word for every minute nuance if emotion I experience.

One day, I dream to create characters which day-dream of characters lost in dreams.

Are you a dreamer, too ? :)

Dania Faruqui
Dania Faruqui

Dreamer. Reader. Perpetually confused. NIT Bhopal - IIM Indore.