Love is blind?

I know a friend who’s madly in love with a guy. A guy who doesn’t respect her, gives her no time, abuses her verbally and is an addict. An addict who is always high on marijuana.

Time and again, we have tried explaining her that this relationship is doing more harm than good. She’s either upset or angry. It’s difficult to see her happy. She’s not what she used to be- a cheerful girl with a few goals in life. Instead of making her realize the good things in life, he has made her a compulsive smoker. Her life cycle has changed and she sleeps during the day and er, smokes during the night.

What’s difficult to comprehend is the reason that’s holding her to be with the guy.

How can one possibly love someone who doesn’t respect him/her at all?

It’s not that that this friend of mine has major attention issues or lack of interests from the opposite gender; She is just so stubborn about loving him. We see her smoking on the rooftop, smell the wafts of smoke through the bathroom window and at other places too.

Since I couldn’t find any reason behind why a caring, sweet, good humored, friendly and a pretty girl should fall for a goon like him, I decided to ask her.

She said, “You know he is immature, right? He’s immature like a kid. What’s the best part about kids?”

I sighed for a second.

You are comparing a 21 year old drug addict to a kid? Are you kidding me?

“The best part about kids is that they love you selflessly. He’s weird. He’s weirder than any of the guys I have ever dated. I can be what I am. He’s an emotional support. In this relationship, no matter what happens, I know that he will never leave me. I will be the one to end the relationship. Our relationship isn’t perfect. No relationship is perfect. The imperfection is the beauty.”

“But you can be with people a lot better than him, who will give you time and not make you cry almost every week!”

“But I love him. We have so many interests in common. We both like travelling.”

I gave up on the conversation. Hearing abusive words and being reminded that one’s the most pestering girlfriend, also not to forget the frequent tiffs on alcohol and weed- isn’t worth the reasons offered by my friend.

I came back to my hostel room, thinking that maybe I am unable to see the beauty of their relationship.

Did I just say that? Looks the smoke in the air got into my head while I typed the last sentence.

Love is blind?

Dania Faruqui
Dania Faruqui

Dreamer. Reader. Perpetually confused. NIT Bhopal - IIM Indore.