How to land an internship in an IIM?

Hi there! This is one the most asked questions to me on Quora and hence I have decided to write a blog on it. Hope this helps!

STEP 1: Choose an area of interest.

If you like Marketing, intern in Marketing. If you think you are good with Finance or Political Science or maybe Economics, choose that. The problem could be that you are a Science student, and more specifically and Engineering undergrad. Don’t worry. Once you cast a glance on the various areas of studies in an IIM, you will realize that there’s always a small, tiny connection between your undergraduate course and the research area in an IIM.

You could be of great help if you are a web developer, designer or a content writer. The professors need interns for various purposes and you never know when you get lucky. Don’t give up. All it will take is an email.

Here are the web addresses of various IIMs:

  1. IIM Ahmedabad:

  2. IIM Bangalore:

  3. IIM Calcutta:

  4. IIM Indore:

  5. IIM Lucknow:

For other IIMs, you can google the web addresses.

STEP 2: What to write in an email?

For an internship application, you will have to write an email to the professor you're interested to intern under. The email address of a professor can be found on the IIM's website under the faculty section. For example, this is the link to the faculty of IIM Ahmedabad, area-wise:

The email will essentially consist of:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. CV.

1. Cover Letter:

This is a letter which will convince the professor to hire you as an intern. The matter decides the fate of your internship. I don't know if there's a fixed format for the letter, but when I applied for the internship, I used this format:

Respected Sir,

Para 1:
I am a student of this year in this college. I am writing this letter to express my interest in________________ (Brief explanation of why you're interested in the internship).

Para 2:
Write about your achievements which could be of use in this internship. Try to convince the professor that you're the right choice for the position of an intern.

Para 3:
End on a positive note.

Your Name.

Please ensure that you convert the word file into a pdf file. Don't send the cover letter as .docx file. The appropriate font would be : Times New Roman, size 12.

2. CV

Your CV should contain the following heads:

  • Objective/ Aim
  • Academic Qualifications ( Tabular form is more readable, so prefer that).
  • Projects and Research Experience, if any.
  • Achievements and Awards
  • Position of responsibility
  • Extra- curricular activities
  • Key skills and strengths
  • You can include other trivial headings too, if you feel like. I guess, this is just sufficient.

What would be the right time to send emails?

If you want to do a summer internship, you should start applying from January of the same year. The professors usually have a fixed schedule and would want to set their plans for summer beforehand. Therefore, the sooner, the better.

For a winter internship in December, one should mail in October. Yes, right now! Get set and send an email !

Here's wishing you an amazing internship in an IIM!


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